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ARM Inc bulk gas purifier
ARM Inc located in Colorado Springs at the base of Pikes Peak

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ARM Inc manufacturing facility



     • Point of use purifiers

     • Purifier vessels

     • Pro-Panel series

     • Nova series in-line

     • Bulk gas purifiers

     • Weld and area purifiers

     • Heated getter purifiers

     • Ambient temperature purifiers


Particle Filtration

     • Point of use filters

     • Bulk gas filters

     • Sub micron filters


Supply Systems

     • Pressure control modules

     • Particle filtration modules

     • Gas blenders

     • Chemical injection skids

     • Gas delivery systems

     • Pipe assemblies and

       spec gas equipment

     • Build-to-print manufacturing



Purifier Maintenance

     • Vessel and purifier system

       component replacement

     • Vessel activation & regeneration

     • Instrumentation service & upgrade

     • Purification media stabilizing and


     • Helium leak detection

     • Component and system

        analytical services


On-Site Services

     • Contract scheduled preventative


     • System installations, additions and


     • Quality assurance documentation

        and procedural data

     • System shutdown &


     • Filter skid and block and bleed


     • Consulting, troubleshooting

        and performance analysis

     • HP orbital welding


Bulk System Refurbishment

     • Vessel & component upgrades

     • System automation upgrades

     • PLC and operator interface


     • Enclosure refurbishment

     • Decommissioning, moth-balling

        and storage of bulk purifiers


High Purity Welding

     • HP and UHP welding capabilities

     • Manual, semi automated, and

        fully automated weld processes

     • Stainless Steel, Nickel, Titanium

       and other high alloy materials

     • HP orbital welding to 6 inch OD

     • Helium leak detection & reporting

     • Vessels, housings, flow bodies,

       tanks, tubing, valves, vacuum




About Us


Advanced Research Manufacturing, (ARM, Inc.), creates innovative solutions for industrial gas supply systems.  Our mission is to provide superior fluid and gas flow products and services to the high technology sectors.


We design, manufacture, install and maintain high purity electronics grade industrial gas purifiers and purifications systems for semiconductor, energy, medical and manufacturing industrial processes.


Gases purified include inert, hydrogen, oxygen, hydride, corrosive, and others. Our purifiers and systems incorporate absorption, catalytic and getter technologies to reduce or eliminate impurities such as moisture, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons that cannot be tolerated in process gas streams.


ARM’s point-of-use, area and bulk gas purifiers and purification systems have proven to be cost effective solutions for our customers, including some of the largest companies around the world.


In addition, ARM, Inc. provides contract high purity/high technology design, engineering, and manufacturing of gas and chemical delivery systems for industry.


Core services include orbital and semi-automatic high purity welding,  control system design and integration, and in-house analytical services including gas analysis, leak detection, and particle testing.


As a manufacturing company, we strive to provide quality fluid and gas flow solutions to today’s high purity and ultra-high purity industrial sectors. Customer satisfaction, innovation, and quality of product and service are the basis of our success.


ARM provides combined engineering experience totaling more than 40 years in the high purity and ultra-high purity Industrial Gas Purification, and Chemical and Gas Delivery markets.


ARM products are manufactured with quality measures in place for consistent high-end results. Documented Quality Management System, and standard operating procedures include materials tracking for source traceability.








     • Build to print manufacturing

     • Design, build, install and

       commission solutions

     • Fabrication of pressure control

       manifolds, piped assemblies/

       manifolds, switching manifolds,

       gas blenders, specialty gas

       delivery equipment, gas separation

       and purification systems.

     • Turnkey installation


ARM Inc softwall class 100 clean room

Class 100 Clean Room & Clean Zones

ARM Inc UHP bulk pressure control manifold

Pressure Control Manifold - UHP

ARM Inc on site UHP systems installation

Design, build, install and

  commission solutions

ARM Inc HP gas blending system

Gas Blending - UHP

ARM Inc., 3685 South Highway 85-87, Suite 2, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906


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