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Advantage Series    Micro-Bulk Purifiers


The Advantage Series is a modular design, configurable to meet your specific requirements.   Three basic technologies are used, which is best is based on the gas being purified and impurities needing to be removed.  Getter technology can be used for purification of primarily noble gases, catalyst technology many times coupled with adsorber technology is very effective purifying primarily reactive gases, and in a dual vessel configuration ambient temperature getter, catalyst or adsorber technology can be used for removing a variety of contaminants from a variety of gases with the added benefit of in-situ regeneration for uninterrupted pure gas flow.


Features & Benefits


     • Flow rates to 1,200 slpm

     • Powder coated steel


     • 316L stainless HP & UHP


     • Pressure to 20.5 MPa

     • Fully integrated PLC control

     • Touchscreen HMI



     • Flow indication

     • Bypass valve

     • Variety of inlet / outlet


     • Air-operated or manual valve


    • 100-120/220-240VAC

      50/60Hz input power options





     • High production rate weld

       gas/purge gas

     • Pharmaceutical production

     • Glove box purge gas

     • Additive manufacturing

     • Annealing cover gas


Any application requiring moderate volumes of HP and UHP gases



Know your gas, impurities, flow rate, pressure? Want ARM to select a purifier for you?  Complete and e-mail our         Purifier Parameters/RFQ (PDF)

form. We will spec and  quote the appropriate solution.

Heated Getter


These Advantage Series purifiers use getter technology, typically at elevated temperatures, to remove impurities that react with the getter and chemically bond to it.  This chemical bond, once made survives for the life of the purifier.  (more)

Heated Catalyst


These Advantage Series purifiers use catalytic technology, most times at elevated temperatures, to convert specific impurities that can be subsequently removed by other technologies downstream of the catalytic vessel.  Catalytic vessels can operate for years with no change in performance. (more)

Dual Vessels


These Advantage Series dual columns of getter, catalyst or adsorber vessels allow for uninterrupted gas flow with one vessel in operation while the other vessel is being regenerated.  All operations including regeneration are automatically controlled via a PLC incorporated into the purifier. (more)

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