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High Pressure Solutions

Purifiers-Pressure Regulation-Filtration at 20.5 MPa (3000 PSI)


Purification of gas at high pressures presents challenges beyond just selection of rated components and using ASME code vessels. ARM Inc. has been providing industry with high pressure industrial and electronics grade gas purifiers and handling equipment under the ARM brand for nearly 15 years.


The experience at ARM Inc. with high pressure gas solutions spans well over 30 years. With an installed base both domestic and international, we have the skills to ensure applicable codes are met regardless of the end use location.


High pressure gas handling equipment can be found from many sources. ARM, Inc. offers high pressure expertise coupled with our high purity/ultra high purity experience and technology.


Whether your need is purification from 5Ns to 9Ns, filtration, pressure regulation, or a combination of things, ARM is your trusted source for sound design, manufacturing and installation if required/desired.

Purification - Pressure Regulation - Blending - Filtration


Know your gas, impurities, flow rate, pressure? Want ARM to select a purifier for you?  Complete and e-mail our         Purifier Parameters/RFQ (PDF)

form. We will spec and  quote the appropriate solution.

20.5 MPa -

3000 PSI -

206 Bar -

Higher Pressure?

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Features & Benefits


     • Flow rates to 5,000 nm3/hr

     • Powder coated steel


     • 316L stainless HP & UHP


     • Pressure to 20.5 MPa

     • Fully integrated PLC control

     • Touchscreen HMI



Based on flow rate...

  • Point-of-Use
  • Micro-Bulk
  • Bulk



  • Getter
  • Heated Catalyst
  • Reactive Catalyst
  • Adsorber



  • Single-stage pressure reduction
  • Multi-stage pressure reduction
  • Mass flow controlled gas blending




  • PTFE
  • Sintered metal
  • Multi-cannister banks
  • Point-of-Use, Micro-Bulk & Bulk Purifiers
  • Pressure Regulating Skids
  • Filter Skids
  • Blending Panels for High Pressure Mixing



     • Flow indication

     • Bypass valve

     • Variety of inlet / outlet


     • Air-operated or manual valve


    • 100-120/220-240VAC

      50/60Hz input power options

Protected environment enclosure with universally mountable doors and panels installed

H2 purification at 2700 psi

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