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We sell standard products and tailored solutions to meet customer specifications, but the shipment is only the beginning of the relationship with ARM Inc. We service what we sell, and we sell service.  If you have process equipment that needs maintenance we have the breadth of experience and knowledge, and the desire to service and repair nearly any manufacturer's equipment.  Whether it is an emergency call or a long term contract, ARM Inc. will be there.


Give us a call, or drop us an e-mail, if it isn't feasible or cost effective we'll let you know, if it is, we'll provide a quote with a corresponding statement-of-work to ensure we understand what you want, and you understand what we will do.


ARM, Inc. also offers professional decommissioning, mothballing and storage of bulk gas purifiers and related equipment.

Purifier Service/Regen                                                   Request information


Many purifiers operate at ambient temperatures.  When they reach end-of-life, a heated regeneration is required to restore the vessel to full life operation.  This is accomplished at the ARM Inc. factory on a routine basis.  We can expedite regeneration of your vessel getting you back up and running in the shortest time possible.


If it is not feasible to ship a vessel to us, we can evaluate and may be able to quote on-site regeneration.


High purity automated bulk gas purifier

Tech Refresh / Asset Redeployment                         Request information


Bulk gas purifiers represent a significant capital investment that ages technologically as well as chronologically.  ARM Inc. offers Asset Redeployment that goes beyond just revitalizing the purification media.   We can refurbish your existing assets with the latest in PLC controls and instrumentation for significantly less that the cost of a complete new system.  Our graphic driven HMI offers ease of use with full automation and optional remote interfacing.  We incorporate the latest in safety features and integration to plant-wide control and reporting.  (more)


ARM Inc bulk gas purifiers

On-Site Installation / Service / Training                   Request information


Our interaction with the customer does not end at the shipping dock.  We offer on-site installation of our bulk solution products that ranges from just being on-site as a technical resource, to full project management to ensure local contractors are meeting the requirements of the installation.  We can also provide analytical services as part of the installation process to ensure that the gas flowing to your facility meets purities specified.


After installation ARM Inc. can be your maintenance provider for scheduled and unscheduled service and repair.  We are experts with our own products and can also service other manufacturers' bulk purification systems.


Training programs in high purity gas handling is available for operators and maintenance personnel to help .....keep it simple  .....keep it clean  .....keep it flowing.


ARM Inc bulk gas purifier being installed

Analytical Services                                                          Request information


ARM’s portable and stationary analytical solutions provide the state-of-the-art analysis of trace impurities to PPT levels.   We can take the units on the road and do on-site analysis or you can send samples for testing at the factory.  When we design and build multiple capability analytical systems, we incorporate touch based HMI, multiple sample injection ports, smart data acquisition and can typically accommodate any analyzers the end user requires.

ARM Inc high purity gas analyzer cart

Build-to Print Manufacturing                                       Request information


Although ARM Inc. can provide the design/engineering for your bulk purification and gas handling requirements, we can also be your contract manufacturer when the design/engineering is already complete, or is provided by a third party.


ARM Inc high purity gas regulation skid

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