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Tech Refresh / Asset Redeployment


Older Assets   Bulk gas purifiers are typically designed for a decade or more of continuous operation.   As long as consumables and/or replacement parts are still available, older assets can continue to reliably provide gas at specified purities.


Electronic components age and performance can degrade.  Suppliers of electronic components such as PLCs, sensors and instrumentation continually improve their products to remain competitive in their marketplace.  This can lead to obsolescence of older models which can present a significant risk to owners of older assets.


A significant percentage of the overall cost of a new bulk gas purifier is in the high purity stainless vessels, valves, plumbing, and the media used to purify the gas.  By keeping these components intact, and updating the process control, HMI, and other electrical/electronic components, years can be added to the useful life of the asset for a fraction of the cost of buying new.



Know your gas, impurities, flow rate, pressure? Want ARM to select a purifier for you?  Complete and e-mail our         Purifier Parameters/RFQ (PDF)

form. We will spec and  quote the appropriate solution.

Features & Benefits


     • Lower cost than new

     • State of the art software

     • Fully integrated PLC control

     • Touchscreen HMI





     • Lower cost than new

     • Mitigate obsolescence issues

     • Increase MTBF

     • Quick return to service




We can service all makes and models.......



How to Begin


Collect information on the asset, such as manufacturer, model number, serial number, general specifications.


Contact ARM and we will discuss what is typically refreshed based on our knowledge of similar systems and past experience with your particular brand. 



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